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The Protest Song: A Perspective

In 1939 Billie Holiday penned ‘Strange Fruit,’ a song that went on to become a rallying cry for the persecution of black Americans for years and years to come. One of the...

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Taking a Stand to Support the Black Community

In light of recent events, Musician's BASS supports the peaceful protesters who are taking a stand against racism towards the Black community, which has plagued the United States since the first African...

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Adapting to Being a DIY Musician Amidst COVID-19

Tired of being stuck at home? We all know that COVID-19 has presented the world with unprecedented challenges, but how can DIY artists adapt to the changing landscape of being professional musicians...

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What’s an EPK and Why Does Every Band Need One?

Your EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is an essential tool that presents vital info to industry insiders. In one easy link, it works as a centralized hub you can use for all...

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Live Shows: Tips to Maximize your Earning Potential 

As a savvy musician today, you’re probably well aware that you need to develop multiple income streams in order to realize your goal of making money from your music full-time. But even...

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How to Book a Show and Negotiate Your Rate

You’ve got your live show together. It’s tight. You’ve got your stage rig set. Your merch and your promo assets are all in-line and ready to go (and if they’re not, check...

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