Perfectly Adequate Whales

Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap


Often referred to as the “Blink-182 of indie rap” by friends and critics alike, Perfectly Adequate Whales (often stylized as PAW) represents a new approach to hip hop. Founded in 2012 by three high schoolers, PAW has slowly evolved as its three members - Krill Killa, MC Marine Marine and Immortal Orca Whale - have grown into real people.

Entirely self-produced and made in a garage below the surface of the earth, ‘Zeitgeist’, the group's first proper album, is the culmination of years of work. In 11 tracks, the three members of PAW detail their life as whale rappers, what that means exactly, and how their hometown of Santa Cruz, CA factors in.

Much like the title of their first official work implies, ‘Zeitgeist' aims to showcase the world of 2019 as it is: absurd, spiraling out of control, and at the same time sincere, but only if you know where to look.

Career Highlights

  • Played a sold out show in the bathroom at the Branciforte branch of The Santa Cruz Public Library
  • Released debut album 'Zeitgeist' in September 2019