EPK is short for Electronic Press Kit. In prehistoric times before the internet was invented, musicians sent physical press kits complete with their printed bios, band photos, albums, and swag to record labels, managers, booking agents, and more in order to pitch their music.

Nowadays, having an EPK is a professional standard for every artist, especially independent ones. Sure, you can build an EPK into your website, or create a PDF that you can attach to an email. But having a Musician’s BASS EPK, you reap the benefits of being part of a searchable database of musicians from around the globe. Touring in Taiwan? Search our EPK database for other artists in your genre who you can reach out to in order to share a bill.

You have total control over the content of your EPK from the Artist Dashboard and can update your content anytime. This way, if someone has your URL, they’ll always have your latest info.

There are numerous ways you can use your BASS EPK. Best of all…it’s FREE.

The Musician’s BASS EPK is and will always be free for all musicians to use. But let’s be real. It costs money to keep things going, including internet servers, customer care, and the usual overhead of running a business. As we build out the full suite of tools for Musician’s BASS (see our vision here), we will offer opportunities for you to upgrade to premium services at competitive, affordable prices. Our ultimate goal is to provide an interactive suite of music business management tools that all indie artists can benefit from without breaking the bank.


BASS is an acronym for Business Administration Software for Success. Sounds pretty nerdy, right? Well, for the cool kids, it stands for Badass Superstar. The name was inspired by the notion that the bassist often plays a supporting role in a band, often being thought of as the glue holding the sound together.

According to Dummies.com,

“The bass player has the most crucial role in the band. Everyone in the group depends on the bassist’s subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) lead. If the guitarist or saxophonist makes a mistake, hardly anyone will notice, but if the bassist makes a mistake, everyone in the band and the audience will instantly know that something is wrong.”

That said, BASS is really intended for all working musicians as a digital tool to help hold your music business together. In an increasingly competitive and DIY industry, those who stay organized and professional are able to create and take advantage of more opportunities to enhance their careers.

Our team is in the early stages of building out a dashboard of business management tools for artists, starting with the Electronic Press Kit (EPK). This is one of a suite of tools that we are working towards building for the music community.

Absolutely, you can copy and paste the custom URL of your EPK into your correspondence with a festival, talent buyer, promoter, venue, publicist, etc. However, we don’t currently offer festival submissions directly through our site.

Here are step-by-step instructions:


1. You must use the desktop version of Spotify in order to find your embed code.

2. Go to the single, album, or playlist you wish to share.

3. Click on the three dots on the lower right-hand corner of the album.

4. Go to the bottom of the menu, and select Share.

5. Go to Copy Embed Code

6. The iframe code will be copied to your clipboard.

7. Paste the iframe code in the Featured Audio text box on the Music tab of your Musician’s BASS EPK dashboard.


1. Go to the Bandcamp album or single you wish to share.

2. Click on the Share/Embed link and select “Embed this album.”

3. Select the Embed option for the vertical style player that features the artwork on top.

4. Copy the iframe code and paste it into the Featured Audio text box on the Music tab of your Musician’s BASS EPK dashboard.


1. Go to the SoundCloud album, playlist, or single you wish to share.

2. Select the Share button.

3. Select “Embed” at the top of the popup.

4. Select the player with the large square artwork at the top.

5. Copy the iframe code and paste it into the Featured Audio text box on the Music tab of your Musician’s BASS EPK dashboard.

If you run into any issues with this feature, please reach out to us at support@musiciansbass.com and we’ll be happy to help.

It really is all about that bass…