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Taking a Stand to Support the Black Community

In light of recent events, Musician’s BASS supports the peaceful protesters who are taking a stand against racism towards the Black community, which has plagued the United States since the first African slaves appeared upon its soil. Music has always been at the forefront of cultural revolution. From woeful spirituals to the roots of Jazz, the Blues, Gospel, Rock n’ Roll, Rap and Hip-Hop, Black music has influenced every angle of modern-day popular culture. The time is long overdue for the music community to raise and unify our voices so that systemic injustice, intolerance, racist policies, and outright police brutality can forever be eliminated.

To educate yourself on the disparities and opportunities for change, please explore the following resources.

Thank you for doing your part to create a more equal, just, and peaceful society and to effect systemic change for the Black community.

-The Team at Musician’s BASS