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What’s an EPK and Why Does Every Band Need One?

Your EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is an essential tool that presents vital info to industry insiders. In one easy link, it works as a centralized hub you can use for all your backstage communications with booking agents, venue managers, press personnel, bloggers & podcasters, as well as other bands and musicians.

Let’s say you’ve just booked the gig you’ve been working towards for the last eight months. The venue’s promo team and technical crew need all the details to put things in motion, but your day job (or touring) schedule has you backed up and it’s hard to supply everything to the venue’s team in a timely way.

Enter the EPK, your Electronic Press Kit. It’s a standard in music promotion, venue support, and an indispensable tool for getting more gigs, expanding your promo outreach, and being seen as a professional.

You may be thinking, “But I already have a website. Why do I need an EPK?”  Think of it as working in tandem with your website and social media pages. Websites and socials are great for all-purpose outreach: a place where fans and newcomers can get more information about your music, tours, and merchandise. But what about all the insider stuff? Tech Rider & Stage Plot; Bio, High-Resolution photos for print; Press Releases that concisely describe your latest projects and tours; MP3s and Video clips; Logo JPGs. These are essential components of your back-end publicity package that you may not want to share with the public. Send the industry insiders your EPK link and they’ll have all these components at their fingertips.

Your EPK hosted by Musician’s BASS includes a place for you to display:

  • A Featured Quote or Description. Got a tagline, band credo or slogan? Showcase it upfront on your EPK to set your band apart.
  • A Biography. *Pro Tip – You can include a one-liner, short-form, and long-form bio in this section. Just title each section accordingly.
  • Photos, Album cover artwork, etc. (JPG) – all in one clear gallery
  • Band Logo (JPG) – venues & sponsors can easily drop your artwork into their ads
  • Featured Audio – Either a single or a playlist can be embedded from Spotify, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud
  • Video & embedded YouTube links
  • Tech Rider & Stage Plot – downloadable & printable
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Lyrics
  • Press Releases for your latest tour or new project
  • Press Reviews & Highlight Quotes
  • Printable Tour Poster Template *Pro Tip – You can upload a .zip file that also includes hand-bills and fliers
  • Direct links to your social and streaming platforms
  • Password Protected downloadable files

Streamlined presentation with no response delay.

A good EPK puts all of these details within reach so professionals you’re working with can easily find what they need to promote you without lag time in waiting for your response. This is essential for musicians on-the-go, whether you’re holding down a day job or catching a flight on-tour…let your EPK be ready when you just can’t respond fast. Simply share your EPK’s custom URL in your correspondence.

Continuity and easy networking for all band members.

If multiple bandmates interface with different industry contacts, rest assured that each member is sharing one uniform link where your information is presented in a consistent, clear way. Multiple band members can update the EPK seamlessly, reducing the work of tour coordination and publicity. The net result is continuity and a professional front, which is essential in helping you stand out from the crowd.

A professional face for cold calls.

If you’re reaching out to booking agents with a cold inquiry, keep in mind that these booking agents are BUSY. According to bestselling author/blogger Ari Herstand in his book, “How to Make It in the New Music Business,” booking agents and venue reps will usually not respond – or (even worse!) they will lose interest – if your email is more than eight sentences long. Eight sentences – that’s all you get to pitch why you should play on their stage. So, including all of your vitals in one link is a tremendously efficient way to cut to the chase. Keep your communication as tight as your music and you’re more likely to get a response and your foot in the door.

What makes Musician’s BASS the best place to host your EPK?

Your BASS EPK offers you a place to share and store all of the important assets that a publicist, blogger, talent buyer, promoter, or venue may need to help get the word out about you and your band. The interface is simple and streamlined, with a clean one-page design. Plus, you can search by location and genre to network with other artists in places you’ll be touring – or, in your hometown!

Reaching success in today’s competitive music industry means efficiently getting your information into the hands of those who need it, fast. Streamlined organization and a pro presentation will help make sure you get noticed by putting your best promo content a click away from the world.

Be ready for those who are ready to work for you!

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