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Yaya's Kitchen, Soul Folk with a Hip Hop Twist...This is what it feels like to be human.

Solo Artist Doing It All

Hard Piano Rock - Magick and Mayhem - Dresden Dolls mixed with PJ Harvey and a dash of Muse

Enigmatic doesn’t even begin to describe Sayla Dobro’s presence. Consisting of longtime SF Bay Area guitarist and vocalist Todd Tate alongside drummer Daniel Guaqueta, Sayla Dobro was brewed up in the Bay Area, between Marin and San Francisco.

British musician/composer based in Los Angeles. Vocal and instrumental songs that fuse genres (jazz/rock/funk/folk) with an emphasis on the guitar. Guitar teacher at Musicians Institute & Truefire.

Indie artist from LA

Lush sonic soil where deftly planted seeds of sound grow into towering things of beauty.

At the end of the day there is only love. And Polly A intends to prove it. Music is her tool or better yet, her weapon.

"Amazing...pulls itself away from mainstream meme-rap with creative lines and incredible production. It’s a hilarious collection of tracks full of dumb humor, nostalgia, and surprising moments of sincerity and beauty." - Lazy Eye Music