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Yaya's Kitchen, Soul Folk with a Hip Hop Twist...This is what it feels like to be human.

Enchanting, retro, you‘ll want to fall in love with life, hopes, and dreams. Delicious vocal harmonies, and if you’ve got a long memory, you will be reminded of the Fleetwoods.

The Dresden Dolls mixed with Muse and a dash of PJ Harvey - “They seem to accomplish more with two people than most bands do with five.”– Veronica Kirk, Black on the Canvas

SILENT DEVOTION: The Sound of a World in Motion

Don't be fooled by a pretty face.

Enigmatic doesn’t even begin to describe Sayla Dobro’s presence. Consisting of longtime SF Bay Area guitarist and vocalist Todd Tate alongside drummer Daniel Guaqueta, Sayla Dobro was brewed up in the Bay Area, between Marin and San Francisco.

British musician/composer based in Los Angeles. Vocal and instrumental songs that fuse genres (jazz/rock/funk/folk) with an emphasis on the guitar. Guitar teacher at Musicians Institute & Truefire.

Roadman Putting the soundtrack to life

Indie artist from LA